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Thinking Globally to Localize Your Business

March 31, 2023
Localize your company's website with SEO in mind, consider peak sales days, and offer local payment methods for better international customer engagement.
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Companies in the e-commerce business usually overlook localization in favor of product stocking and shipping. Recent research has shown that nearly 74% of online checkouts don't reflect the local language and currency of the customer. Moreover, companies miss out on nine sales out of ten because companies do not cater adequately to their international customers at the checkout page.

This short but sharp example shows how important localization is for marketing and sales managers and the CEOs of start-ups to close a sale. Let's see about a few key factors that lead the way to make an online sale.

Prepare Beforehand for Different Campaign Timelines

E-campaigns vary depending on where you are. In North America and Europe, they usually run from late September to early December, with a peak in early October. But in Latin America, they run from late January to early April, with a rise in late February. And e-campaigns in the Asia Pacific run all year long, but the peak is in November or December.

To obtain successful business results, it is a must to master different shopping seasons and e-campaign timelines to plan and allocate time for your global launch, localize your e-commerce content, and adapt your prices accordingly. Selling in the US without plans for Black Friday would be a mistake.

The Success Lies in the Detail

Companies can be hesitant about what content should be localized; it can even be challenging to make the right decision under the enormous stress of a massive marketing campaign. You are reading this blog, so you want to do business internationally. Then, you need to localize your product descriptions and website copy.

However, you must pay attention to minor details, such as currency types. Something this simple can be easily overlooked but can increase closing a seal at your checkout page. Think about what kinds of payments are popular in the targeted country and if there are any regulations you need to follow. Getting the job done for your customer will result in more sales.

Explore Gift-Giving Traditions for Each Market and Optimize SEO

People love receiving gifts; this is the universal way of expressing love and affection. We are willing to spend more money on gifts for loved ones. A study by Rakuten found that 90% of shoppers would prefer to buy gifts for their loved ones online, which is only expected to grow in the years ahead.

For example, the Lunar New Year is a significant holiday in China. The people need red envelopes to fill them with money; this gift-giving custom is a big part of the celebration. Aware of this tradition, you can create an ads campaign for red envelopes, localize your product description according to the shopping season and boost your website and local keyword rankings.

Reviews are Your Allies

Can't Read, Won't Buy, a recent research report by CSA Research, demonstrates that companies miss out on a significant area of opportunity with untranslated user reviews. 73% of users prefer localized user reviews even if the website isn't translated. In other words, consumers want to read reviews from people who speak the same language. This way, they can be sure people from their country have had no problems with the payment and shipment of the product and make a final decision about whether they will purchase or not.


Localization is essential for any e-commerce business serious about going global— there's simply no way around it. By translating your website content into the language of your target market, offering local payment methods, and optimizing your site for search engines, you can better connect with international customers and boost conversions.

Contact us today to learn more about how localization can help your e-commerce business globally.

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Serkan Haşlak

Serkan H.

Serkan is a seasoned expert in B2B marketing with an emphasis on delivering substantial ROI. For over a decade, he has been deeply involved in various projects, from B2B acquisition and conversion to content marketing, nurturing programs, and beyond.

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