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Most frequently reported patent translation issues

Many patent agencies complain about typical problems with the translation service they receive. We prevent them without complicating the translation process.

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Poor Translation Quality
Inaccurate translation can jeopardize the protection of intellectual property. We implement a three-staged translation process (translation, proofreading, QA) to maximize accuracy and minimize inconsistency.
Delays in Delivery
Long application processes might impede the market release, leading to revenue loss and risking the patent. We automatically split your files into multiple translators according to a set of predefined rules for your urgent filing.
Confidentiality Risks
Patent agencies are always worried about the legal consequences of getting confidential data disclosed. At Hareword, all files are protected with a 128-bit key & NDAs with all in-house and freelance vendors, guaranteeing the safety of your intellectual property.

Avoid prolonged and costly translation processes

You do not have to spend extra time and money revising or updating your patents. With our Translation Memory feature, you:
access and suggest revision to translation memory instantly
cut down on translation costs for updated content
do not hazard your patent application with delays
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Approve your patent tomorrow, get it translated yesterday

Our translation solutions include the customer accessing and revising the glossary, saving time for terminology checks. Plus, we use intelligent QA tools that help you:
ensure the consistent and accurate use of terminology
get ready-to-file translations and avoid re-translation work
speed up the filing and application processes
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Complication? Solved.
Patent translation is already a complicated and demanding process. We at Hareword make it as efficient as possible with our features.
Automation at its best
Our optimized processes help us pair you with the best solution immediately so that your project finds its perfect match as soon as you place an order.
More Patent-Related Content
Regulatory authorities will assess every single document in your patent application, and we will ensure they meet all criteria. See our end-to-end patent translation solutions.
Our customers love us
As a patent lawyer, the accuracy and timeliness of translation services are crucial for my clients. Hareword has exceeded my expectations in both areas. Their patent translation service is fast, accurate and always delivered on time. I am confident in recommending Hareword to any of my colleagues in the legal field.
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Sarah JohnsonSenior Associate - Patent

What You May Be Curious About
What stages does my project go through before delivery?
First, you may visit our website and/or contact our professionals. Then, you need to submit the file to be translated or you may send your file to our team. We check the content and detect your needs. After that, expert linguists are assigned to work on the project and the translation process starts. Before or during translation, you might be contacted for the approval of terminology, through which we eliminate possible post-translation problems and confidently maintain the translation process. Then, the file is edited by other expert linguists. Finally, a perfectly localized file is delivered to you.
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