Remove Costly Rework of Translation & Reduce Time-to-Market

Terminology errors could cost you millions of dollars, delayed launches due to safety issues, or even recalls. 
Don't worry, Hareword constantly updates your terminology list, which you have total control over.


Reworking Translations is 

Most quality problems are related to incorrect or inconsistent terminology. A term list is an essential tool, but it can be daunting to create and keep up-to-date, especially when you stay up all night to solve terminology issues of an inaccurate translation.
Our Approach
We know that the way to genuine customer engagement is through handling business under any condition, even if the language, region, and necessities differ. So, consistent terminology is vital to maintaining a positive corporate image.
You can provide context, definition, and additional information for your term list via the Customer Dashboard while our team automatically monitors changes and submits suggestions for your approval. This increases operational efficiency while preventing you from missing out on potential revenue opportunities.

We Notice

Revise Term List on the Spot, Any Time.

Add, import, edit, or delete. You can directly access your term lists and apply changes instantaneously.
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Leave No Room for Erroneous Guesswork

Your industry has its own jargon and terminology, but some are brand-specific. The more context and definition you provide, the more accurate translation gets.
Leave No Room for Erroneous Guesswork

Build Terminology Know-How

Start documenting your company's know-how today; even senior employees can be in the wrong when it comes to terminology.
Give briefs esily with our embbedded brand style guide feature
Our Professional Linguist Team

Our Exceptional Team

Tireless is what defines our team. No, we don’t have any supernatural powers. We are only humans with customer-success obsession who are never disheartened by new challenges or translation technologies. We learn, we adapt, we optimize, and on and on.

See how it works

If you want to learn more about our Terminology Management System, you may reach out to our team.
What You May be Curious About
What is the difference between a term list and a translation memory?
Translation Memory is a database where sentence-like source units - segments- are stored with their counterpart translation units as one single entry, while a term list is a database where single or multiple words, slogans, names of products, etc. are stored in a specific way.
How does a term list ensure accurate translations?
How does a term list ensure consistent translations?
When should I compile a term list?
How should I compile a term list?
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