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Translation Statistics
Project Quality Card with a Score of 9.5/10
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  • Choose among creative translation solutions to resonate with your audiences
  • Ensure consistent brand voice with custom style guides
  • Give instant feedback and enhance translation quality

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Expert translators and proofreaders are accepted into the platform by passing translation tests
Project Quality Card with a Score of 9.5/10Translation Test Pass Rate - 3%
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Team owner has access to each member’s project information and status
Customer Team Projects
Original segment and its translation are stored as bilingual strings in Translation Memory
Translation Memory Discount
They spread the word! Learn more about Hareword’s customer-centricity.
From different industries and of all sizes; our customers benefit from Hareword's convenient features and simple integrations for easier global expansion.
Human Touch to the Latest Technology
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Translation Memory
Translation memory technology remembers everything so that you pay less for content that has already been translated.
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Terminology Management
Hareword uses intelligent tools to identify, store, recall, and manage terms specific to your project or industry.
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Neural Machine Translation
Hareword’s machine learning and intelligent routing technology ensure accuracy, efficiency, and flexible customization.
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Quality Assurance
We update translation memories, provide feedback to vendors, and devise long-term comprehensive strategies to ensure excellence.
We know that you need more than just a translation company. Hareword adopts a 360° approach to all translation services and meet your indsutry-specific demands with its end-to-end solutions.
Translation Services
Human touch to technology. For each industry and project size, we deliver professional translations in over 30 languages.
Localization Services
Don’t let your ideas get lost in translation. We make your product culturally relevant to your target audience.
Interpreting Services
We offer simultaneous and consecutive translation options in person, over the phone, mobile, and video channels.
Website Localization Services
Introduce and adapt your website to the target market in the most meaningful and customized way possible.
International SEO Services
Trouble with digital marketing? We help you increase your organic traffic-driven revenue on an international level.
Voice-Over Services
Your brand’s voice must be heard. We combine the latest technology with a human talent for your voice-over projects.
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