Unravel New Revenue Streams with Localization

Your brand’s market expansion strategy counts on localized content. 
Localize your website, game, and app to discover blue ocean opportunities.

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Unleash Global Potential & 
Grow Revenue

Weave a Native Dialogue, Compete Like a Local

We tailor a custom approach for your brand voice across multiple markets. You can easily indicate your preferred tone and style and target groups to ensure better engagement with potential customers.

Increase Conversions with a Local SEO Strategy

Using proper local keywords increases the ranking and the number of visitors while lowering bounce rates. Edit, add and import term lists easily to benefit from SEO-compatible terminology across all languages.
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Reduce Costs, Preserve Brand Integrity

Updates are second nature to localization. Our Translation Memory Leverage system charges only once for repeating translations and even less for updated content while guaranteeing consistent localization.
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Consistent Localization +  Enhanced User Experience =Win Over New Markets

Strong Technical Base
Maximizes Localization ROI

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Internationalization is the first and foremost step of the localization process. Many companies try and implement it during and, even worse, after the localization process. In today's fast-paced world, any delays experienced while launching a product can result in missing out on millions of potential dollars.
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To tackle this problem, your developers need to encode your product with a global audience in mind right from the start and prepare your codebase to support multiple languages (Arabic, Japanese, etc.) and formats.
Built-in Briefing System
Dedicated Localization Project Manager
SEO-Focused Localization Process
Stay Updated on Localization ROI
Management of All Processes from One Account
On-Point Local Engagement
High-Quality Localized Content
Traffic & Domain Authority
Guidance for Marketing Strategy
Project Tracking with Ease
Manual Work
KPI-Relates Risk
Quality-Related Issues
Ads & SEO Costs
Follow-up Work
Our Take on Localization
  • Project Preparation & Briefing

    Once we have received your go-ahead, our team will request a brief to begin localization planning. Don't worry; we always come prepared with questions. Afterward, we will share the budget and delivery schedule with you.
  • Localization Process

    Our linguist team works and reviews adhering to guidelines, and project managers ensure all localized content is up to quality standards. We speed up time-to-market by automating all these processes- the unnecessary human touchpoints.
  • Pre-Launch Linguistic QA Tests

    Once the localized content is deployed, issues such as missing translations, broken links, or encoding errors may arise. Our team checks the localized content flat out to fix linguistic and functional issues.
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Got Questions?
Localization is a serious business. Schedule a call to learn more about the process or get to know the people behind the screen.

Data Speak Louder Than Words

Studies show that international marketing efforts pay off when companies create successful multimarket customer experiences. Succeeding in today's digital and hybrid marketplaces is increasingly challenging, but we got you covered.

Prefer Content in Their Language
Even if it's poor quality
Will Not Buy in Other Languages
Drastic Lose on Potential Revenue
Want Product Reviews in Their Language
If nothing else
Tolerate Mixed Languages on a Website
Convert Tolerations to Engagement
Trusted by our beloved customers
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