We are Hareword, where exceptional solutions are offered for challenging problems.

We define ourselves by our mission to improve worldwide communication and our passion for building strong partnerships at every step of the way. Our customer-centricity makes us grow more robust and dedicated day by day.


Who we are

We are your trusted partner for a beautiful outcome! But in more professional terms, we are a scaling localization company where cutting-edge technology and an elite human capital setting are the basis for organic growth. Funded by local and global investors, Hareword has 100+ corporate customers worldwide and supports 30+ language pairs with a dozen specialties.
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Our Values.
We are committed to crushing language barriers. To this end, we work hard.

What we offer

We are a next-generation online translation platform with a success-oriented team and a vast network of expert translators worldwide. But that is not all we have to offer.

Sustained quality
We take pride in all our work, big or small, and we never stop striving to achieve more. Thanks to our hard-working team, our customers know and appreciate our value. They reward our efforts with their loyalty and kind feedback. In turn, we work harder to make the greatest customers in the world even happier!
A seamless process
With a solution-oriented approach and maximum automation, we make translation look easy to anyone. We utilize innovative technologies to optimize pricing and streamline the translation experience at every step. While our dedicated project managers organize the whole process, the best linguists in the field do the rest for you.
Multitude of services
Hareword provides a wide range of language-related services for your translation, localization, and internationalization needs. Our features are designed to offer you the most optimum results possible, such as fast delivery options, multiple translation packages, and integrated quality assurance solutions.
Our Motto
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Working smart is the new working hard. Work smarter and save one day every week.