Increase Sales with a Solid Website Localization Solution

Executing a successful website strategy is overpowering. 
Let your efforts pay off on a multi-market scale with Hareword.

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Get Tremendous ROI with Website Localization

Maintain Brand Voice Across Languages

You can set the tone, style, and formality for how you want your target market to be addressed in the "Style Guide" feature.

Localize SEO Keywords & Boost Visibility

Our team localizes keywords to improve your local ranking. Just edit, add, and import them onto our platform!
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Don't pay twice for repeating content

You only pay for content once- even if it repeats multiple times on your website, and receive consistent translations each time.
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Consistent Brand Voice + Higher SEO Ranking = Expand Globally

Internationalize Your Website; 
Most are Not Ready

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You might have encoded your website according to your original market. To expand globally, you should redesign it to prevent any technical issues.
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A great way to start is by encoding your website in Unicode (UTF-8) to include all languages, have predefined localization data built into your code, and support right-to-left text for common right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
Team of Well-Tested, Expert Linguists
SEO-Sensitive Localization Process
Localization Statistics on Language Level
All-in-One Platform
High-Quality Localized Content
Online Visibility
Control over Localization ROI
Project Tracking with Ease
Room for Error
Ads & SEO Costs
Risk for Strategy Execution
Follow-up Work
Our Take On Website Localization
  • Project Preparation & Briefing

    Our team will request a brief to plan the localization process. No worries, we have our list of questions ready on our elbow. Afterward, we will share the budget and delivery schedule.
  • Localization Process

    Our custom platform assigns linguists according to their expertise. Project managers provide translators with glossaries and customer briefs. Once finished, a proofreader will review the content, and finally, the project manager will run a Quality Assurance check to ensure quality.
  • Pre-Launch Linguistic QA Tests

    Linguistic QA testing ensures seamless localization quality throughout your website. Giving a final eye on the translated content, with the help of context, gets your website ready to deploy.
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Got Questions?
Our optimized processes help us pair you with the best solution for your project right away so that your project finds its perfect match as soon as you place an order.

Data Speak Louder Than Words

Studies prove that most customers prefer to shop from a website that speaks to them in their native languages. If you are focused on just one market, you will miss out on potential international sales.

Prefer Content in Their Language
Will Not Buy in Other Languages
Want Product Reviews in Their Language
Tolerate Mixed Languages on a Website
Trusted by our beloved customers
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What You May be Curious About
Why do you need website localization to market your website?
You create a brand identity and engaging content for the target market with website localization. By addressing customers or end users in their language, you improve customer return on investment, conversion rate, and finally, global sales.
How to sell website services to local businesses?
What is a website localization service?
How is a website localization service different from a website translation service?
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