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Achieve your global ambitions confidently with financial translation services

There is strength in numbers— use it with Hareword's financial language solutions. As we zero in on your translation needs, you focus on your services for investors, shareholders, and international clients.

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Conquer the barriers and unblock success

As the economic uncertainties in the world prevail, minimize the risks with Hareword's translation solutions addressing the challenges of the financial and banking industries.

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Finance/Tax Regulations

Finance and insurance companies, banks, and brokers must comply with global standards and regulations to address the increasing internationalization. Hareword can ensure high quality and accuracy as our expert translators, chosen through validated tests, understand cultural and law differences well.

Dynamic Terminology

The finance terminology is highly precise as many terms are borrowed from foreign languages, and new phrases are continuously added to the financial jargon. We devise customer-specific glossaries, and with easy-to-use features, you can revise and reflect on yours anytime.

Multidisciplinary Structure

Finance does not stand alone. High-quality financial translation requires considering other areas, such as accounting, law, marketing, and trades. That's why we assign several linguists from the relevant fields to your financial translation projects, working in coordination for a better result.

Make more informed decisions with ease

We offer you great confidence in the accuracy of your financial records and peace of mind when dealing with international clients. Thanks to our quality assurance processes and tools, you:

  • get error-free human translations for any content
  • ensure accuracy and precision with large volumes
  • worry no more about the poor quality of source texts
Terminology checks and settings required for marketing translation. Quality checks include spelling, banned words, and tags.

Optimize your efforts and resources for better service

You can access and revise Translation Memory via the customer dashboard. In addition to suggesting revisions for our linguists' approval, you can:

  • get consistent translations across different projects
  • invest your economic resources into other partners
  • put your time and efforts into more pressing tasks
The translation memories list contains the creation date, total units, and language pairs for source and target segments of English to Spanish translations.
A million and one tasks?
If you are in the finance industry, the last thing you'll ask for is more workload. At Hareword, we take that load off your shoulders with our organization-oriented features.

Automation at its best

Our optimized processes help us pair you with the best solution immediately so that your project finds its perfect match as soon as you place an order.

More Financial Content
The intertwining nature of finance requires excellent talent to translate these financial topics effectively. Here are some of them we translate at Hareword:

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Hareword is the most straightforward and efficient translation company I have ever worked with. Their familiarity with our product ensures that the translations are amazing.

Shalima HaydenProduct Designer

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