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Localize Your App
Increase Global Sales

Resonate with Locals, Like Locals

Apps are all about the experience. Brief us on how you want to talk to potential users with the "Style Guide" feature.
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Rank Higher, Increase Downloads

High-ranking apps include local keywords on their app names, subtitles, and description texts. Just import keywords, and we'll do the rest!
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Pay Once for Repetitions; Pay Less for Revisions

App updates require continuous localization of new or updated content. You don't pay twice for the same content, even less for revisions, and non-compromise consistency.
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Better Engagement + Higher Downloads = 
Maximize Revenue

Internationalize Your App; 
Save the Hassle

App Localization process requires a well-planned strategy and robust technology.
To cater successfully to the global marketplace, you must follow an overall process. To expand globally, you should redesign your structure to prevent technical issues. We help you identify and solve any technical problems you might have before starting the localization process.
Improve User Experience and Increase Downloads
Keyword-Sensitive Process to Rank Higher
Consistently Localized Output for Users
Stay Updated on Localization ROI
Tapping into Booming Market
Higher Listing on Search Lists
App Retention & Stickiness
Precise Strategy Planning
KPI-Related Risk
Ads & SEO Costs
App Deletion
Operational Work

Our Take on App Localization

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  • Project Preparation & Briefing

    First, our team will check if the files are suitable (strings, keys, etc.) to start the project. Our project management team will request a detailed brief to define the scope. Then, we will prepare a budget & delivery timeline.
  • Localization Process

    Professional linguists start working on the project, complying with specific briefs and style guides. Project managers track the process daily and discuss questions of the localization team, and finally, project managers will ensure quality assurance with smart tools.
  • Pre-Launch Linguistic QA Tests

    Linguistic QA testing is indispensable to ensure a great user experience. Localized content, CTA buttons, interfaces, fonts, etc., are checked before deploying the localized app.
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Data Speak Louder Than Words

Studies prove that most customers prefer to shop from a website that speaks to them in their native languages. If you are focused on just one market, you will miss out on potential international sales.

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With Hareword's app localization services, we took a huge leap from our local community to the international market. The team at Hareword guided us through every step of success and should be considered as the go-to company for translation in this industry.
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Why is app localization difficult?
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