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Precision and originality are vital to presenting your company's technical capabilities— achieve them with accurate and fast engineering translation.

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Turn the engineering industry's challenges to your advantage

Engineering is complex: we simplify it with our professional translation solutions.

Basic style guide settings display product names and formality preferences.

Large Volumes of Content

Engineering companies spend much time and money translating extensive content with acceptable quality. Our translation memory feature offers faster and cheaper translation of repeating and similar content, saving you time and money.

Market Demands

The evolving industry requires effective international communication, which is possible through a localized multilingual website for your company. Create your brand's style guide to set up a successful global presence and convey your message as you want.

Service Standards

Go above the standards and retain a competitive edge by offering something unique to your customers and partners: quality and stability. With our subject matter experts and specialized quality assurance tools, you'll get one step ahead of your rivals.

Balance quality and speed

Our integrated Intelligent Routing System searches for and uses the most appropriate MT engine for your project. AI translators and human post-editing will help you:

  • ensure that your deadlines are met
  • make no compromises on quality
  • save translation budget for other domains
Machine Translation Quality Improved with the best AI solution for each project.

Keep up-to-date on the latest terminology

We enable you to instantly access, download or edit your company-specific glossary. With a constantly revised and approved termbase, our customers can:

  • build terminology know-how across their company
  • ensure their translations remain consistent and accurate
  • save time giving immediate feedback on the termbase
The customer has agreed to the suggested terms on the glossary page.
Too much on your plate?
You must be too busy trying to expand into new markets and reach new clients. You don't need more hassle— our helpful features enable streamlined translation processes.

Automation at its best

Our optimized processes help us pair you with the best solution immediately so that your project finds its perfect match as soon as you place an order.

More Engineering Content
We translate various engineering materials related to mechanical, chemical, electrical, and civil engineering domains. These materials include:

Our customers love us

I worked with Hareword on a website localization project and was impressed by their technical localization knowledge and language expertise. I recommend working with them to anyone looking for a professional translation service.

Ciara SmithMarketing Manager at Viessman

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