Certified legal translation to remain compliant with international law

Your global business can thrive if you bridge the gap between disparate cultures. Stay within local laws and regulations with Hareword's legal translation services.

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Leave legal translation problems behind

Guarantee a smooth translation process and avoid all setbacks that can cause you trouble.

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Discrepancies Between Law Systems
Every jurisdiction covers different natures of law and regulations, requiring distinct terminology and understanding of principles. Our native translators with field expertise and keen cultural awareness can ensure accuracy and precise interpretations of your legal translations.
Legal Risks
Errors in this field might have serious implications in the law, and it causes your business to lose time and money. You can rely on our legal translation services as we integrate Quality Assurance tools to detect terminological and mechanical inconsistencies, eliminating all human errors.
Organizations' Requirements
When you enter a new market, most institutions will ask for a seal of approval for translated legal documents. Hareword provides official legal translations with other required services, such as certified and sworn translations for your individual submissions and business documents.

Communicate consistently with your clients

Thanks to our Glossary feature, you can stay active in all processes and have better control over terminology. To help us with precision and consistency, you can:
suggest new terms or revize existing ones for linguist's approval
provide feedback directly on the customer dashboard
access and download the glossary with one click anytime
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Don't worry about long/updated documents

Already dealing with a pile of documents and endless sentences? We don't let it affect the translation process or cause you time and money loss. With our Translation Memory advantage:
only pay once for content that repeat on a page or in other projects
get the translation of large volume content faster
ensure that the translations are consistent over time
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Formality? Solved.
Are you trapped in formal procedures and operations? We can make the legal translation process relaxing for you— with all the comfort you need.
Automation at its best
Our optimized processes help us pair you with the best solution immediately so that your project finds its perfect match as soon as you place an order.
More Legal Content
Secure your legal processes and optimize your legal services for global clients with Hareword's comprehensive solutions.
Our customers love us
As a patent lawyer, the accuracy and timeliness of translation services are crucial for my clients. Hareword has exceeded my expectations in both areas. Their patent translation service is fast, accurate and always delivered on time. I am confident in recommending Hareword to any of my colleagues in the legal field.
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Sarah JohnsonSenior Associate - Patent

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