Market Your Brand Consistently in Any Language via Style Guide

Marketers know that style guides are vital for high-quality localized content. However, many push it down the priority list because of more pressing matters.


Hareword offers a simple Style Guide interface where you can deliver briefings quickly and increase customer engagement drastically.

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Cost Reduction


Increase Efficiency, Save Time
Style Guides improve efficiency by getting answers to linguistic questions upfront so that our team can work quickly and precisely without requesting clarification from you.
Maximize Quality & Engagement
A style guide ensures uniform messaging so you don't perplex your target market unintentionally. Thus, your brand will be recognizable across markets-keeping up a positive reputation and sparking consumer engagement.
Don’t Waste Money on Reworks
Errors cost time and money to fix. Having a style guide can set a standard for your marketing and translation teams to avoid making those mistakes in the first place.

Brand Style Guide Simplified!

One Voice, Different Utterances

Creating a brand voice starts with a brief. You can select the rules for your target audience, formality, slogans, and idioms, or even customize your instructions in great detail.
One Voice, Different Utterances

Create Language-Specific Rules, Reap Rewards

One style guide doesn't rule them all but creates a basis for all. Adjust several rules for a language quickly, and remember, language-specific adjustments will pay off more than the general style guide.
Create Language-Specific Rules

Assign Team Members & Benefit Language Assets

Document your style guide easily; relying on varying opinions is precarious. Moreover, your authorized team members can access, update, and benefit from style guides for different projects.
Invite team members to access style guide
Our Professional Linguist Team

Our Exceptional Team

We know how hard it is to compile a brand style guide, round up old ones, ensure they are up-to-date, and create new ones when deadlines loom. And the need for back-and-forth emails seems to be never ceasing. Our team never gets disheartened by such difficulties and instead generates solutions to ease your burden. This is the story of how the Style Guide feature was created.
What You May be Curious About
What is a brand style guide?
A brand style guide is a set of rules that your marketing and translation teams can refer to create consistent, accurate branding across all channels and languages. This guideline generally includes rules about voice, writing style, and target audience.
How is the traditional style guide process for translation?
How does Hareword simplify the style guide process?
What should be included in a brand style guide?
Why is brand style guide important for translation process?
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