Ensure Brand Consistency & Cut Costs with Translation Memory

Hareword offers a fast turnaround time with a consistent brand voice while enabling you to pay less. What’s more, you can manage your Translation Memory.

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TM: Enabler of Three Main Pillars:
Costs, Consistency, Turnaround

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Pay Once for Repeating, Pay Less for Similar Content
Hareword lets customers enjoy Translation Memory leverage for pricing, unlike other companies. If a segment has already been translated, we only charge once. And if there's a minimum of 75% similarity with segments that have already been translated, we charge even less.
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Enhance TM & Maximize Consistency
A company's most important asset is content. By building a company-specific Translation Memory, you'll automatically create a base and a guide to achieve a consistent brand voice.
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Decrease Turnaround Time Drastically
When translators don't have to start from scratch or retranslate segments, it saves everyone time and effort. Additionally, linguists can check past translations for answers to their questions, saving even more time.

We Remember

Access Translation Memory, Any Time

Easily access and manage your TMs via the dashboard. Rest assured that the content, your company's most important asset, will be in trustful hands.
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See How Much You Saved with TM Leverage

Keep track of your projects' and overall uncharged word count via the Statistics page to see which language combination gives a higher ROI and adjust your strategy.
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Delegate TM Management to Colleagues

Not speaking the language of your translation projects? No problem; you can delegate TM revision to your colleague who speaks the language. Remember that more than speaking a language is needed to make informed decisions.
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Our Exceptional Team

We don't have any supernatural powers. We are only humans with a customer-success obsession who are never disheartened by new challenges or translation technologies. Tireless is what defines our team. We learn, we adapt, we optimize, on and on.

If you want to learn more about our Translation Memory Leverage or need to maintain your Translation Memory, you may reach out to our team.

Got Questions?
What You May be Curious About
Does Translation Memory mean Machine Translation?
No, they are entirely different concepts. Machine Translation is the translation completed automatically by a machine, not by a person. On the other hand, Translation Memory is a Computer-Aided Transla. to streamline the translation process.
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