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What is Blockchain Translation?

April 01, 2023
Blockchain translation is the process of translating blockchain technology into different languages.
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As blockchain technology grows in popularity, it is essential to remember that not everyone speaks English. To make your blockchain technology available to the masses, you must translate it into different languages. This is where blockchain translation comes in.

What is Blockchain Translation?

Blockchain translation is the process of translating blockchain technology into different languages. This is necessary to bring blockchain technology to a wider audience. Translation services can help with marketing and outreach efforts, as well as translating technical documentation and whitepapers.

The Advantages of Using a Blockchain Translation Service

Using a blockchain translation service might benefit your business in several ways. First and foremost, you can reach more people worldwide. Additionally, translation services can help with marketing efforts as customers or users will be more likely to engage with your project if it is in their own languages. This is especially crucial if you want your blockchain project to be accessible to non-English-speaking users.

Another benefit of using a blockchain translation service is improving your brand's image. As blockchain technology is getting more popular, competition is increasing. Receiving a blockchain translation service can help you stand out among your rivals and give you a prestigious edge in the industry. This is possible with a really convenient trick, using a brand style guide. 

A blockchain translation company can offer you this feature, which allows you to express your needs and goals for your target market to the translation team. Here is a good example from Hareword, a blockchain translation company, on how to specify your expectations regarding the details of your translation project:

Why You Should Use a Blockchain Translation Service

Apart from allowing you to reach a much wider audience, blockchain translation services can help with impressing your user base. Blockchain technology covers a lot of materials and products, such as initial coin offerings, technical documentation, marketing materials, and whitepapers related to your project. Hiring a professional blockchain translation service for such provides safe communication with your target audience as they include highly technical content and terminology. That is also why the translation process should be handled by a professional blockchain translation company with expertise and experience in the field.

What to Look for in a Blockchain Translation Company

Blockchain technology is still in its early stages of development and adoption. The terminology is new to the world, especially to non-English speaking communities, as most of the blockchain-related words are derived from English, and their translations to many languages are not offered or needed yet. That is why which blockchain translation services you use is of great importance. 

When choosing a blockchain translation service, selecting a company with experience in blockchain translation is important. Additionally, the company should be able to handle the translation project with ease and offer you additional support both during and after the translation. Be sure to ask about the company’s experience with blockchain translation and have a look at their features that can make the translation process easier before deciding to work with them. You can request samples of their past work related to blockchain and relevant fields, take a look at customer reviews, or even ask for a short demo translation before trusting your actual project with them.

Finally, a professional blockchain translation company should be able to offer you multiple translation service options based on the details of your project. For example, if you need to translate your blockchain project into multiple dialects of a language, the translation company should have native translators who are competent in the target dialects. Or when you need to translate your blockchain website, the translation company should offer localization or transcreation services, which are highly recommended to resonate with your audiences. 

In the example below, you can see how a back translation service by Hareword works. Simply, the translator informs the project managers about some translation options the customer can select.

This coordination between the language service provider and the customer helps require better results. So, ensure that the blockchain translation company you choose understands your needs and offers suitable service options. This will help you a lot with bringing your blockchain technology to global markets.

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