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Welcome to Hareword, your one-stop solution for expert, accurate, and fast Danish translation services. Our native translators ensure top-notch quality at affordable rates.

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Leverage Translation Memory For Rapid Turnaround

Hareword utilizes Translation Memory, a technology that doesn't charge for repeated sentences and discounts partially translated ones. This results in faster and more cost-effective Danish translation services.

A pie chart shows why you should look into hiring linguistic services. Translation memory segments that show match rates.

Quality Translations Without Breaking the Bank

At Hareword, we offer high-quality Danish translation services at a price point that suits your budget. We never compromise on quality, thanks to our integral QA tools and stringent translator performance monitoring.

Hareword offers three different translation quality options: standard, professional, and industry pro, each with its own pricing options.

Translation Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Hareword offers a variety of translation packages to meet the specific needs of your project. Whether you require legal, financial, medical, or technical translation, we have you covered.

Hareword has the highest translation quality, 9.5 points. The applicant pass rate is only 3%.

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Hareword translation services. Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Captioning and localization.
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Benefits of Hareword's Danish Translation Services

Swift, accurate translations for your business needs.

Unbeatable prices for individual and corporate clients.

High-quality translations by industry-specific expert translators.

  • Danish E-commerce Translation
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Danish Translation
  • Danish Patent Translation
  • Danish Software Translation
  • Danish Engineering Translation
  • Danish Education Material Translation
  • Danish Literary Translation
  • Danish Immigration Document Translation
  • Danish Website Localization
  • Danish Business Document Translation
  • Danish Scientific Research Translation
  • Danish Subtitling Services

What our customer says?

The Hareword team works fast and with great attention. Their instant and effective support means a lot to us. We plan to continue our collaboration for future projects.

Olivia WilliamsProduct Marketing

Your Trusted Ally in Translations

Fast and Efficient Service
Our state-of-the-art technology and expert native translators ensure quick turnaround times without compromising on the quality of the translation.
Cost-Effective Solutions
By leveraging Translation Memory, we do not charge for repeating sentences and offer discounts for partially translated sentences, making our services more affordable.
Quality Assurance
We utilize integral QA tools and continuously monitor our translators' performance to maintain high-quality standards for all projects.
User-Friendly Platform
Our translation management system is integrated with an online CAT tool, allowing customers to start their project immediately and track the project status, invoicing, and other details seamlessly.
Customization with Style Guide and Terminology Management
Customers can provide briefs, manage terms, and invite team members with different authorization levels to their accounts, ensuring that the translations align with their specific needs and preferences.
Privacy and Security
We take the privacy of our customers seriously. All translations and transactions are kept secure and confidential.

Automation at its best

Our optimized processes help us pair you with the best solution immediately so that your project finds its perfect match as soon as you place an order.

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Danish Legal Translation Service

Reliable Legal Translations: Expertise Matters

Precision and understanding of legal terminologies and systems are paramount in legal translations. At Hareword, we specialize in providing Danish legal translation services that are accurate, reliable, and tailored to the legal industry's unique requirements. Our service offers reliable Danish legal translations, ensuring that every contract, agreement, or legal document is accurately translated. We have a team of expert translators specializing in legal terminologies and profoundly understanding the Danish legal system. You can trust us with your most sensitive legal documents, knowing they will be translated with utmost accuracy and confidentiality. We understand the importance of secrecy in the legal field, and our security systems and strict privacy measures guarantee the utmost confidentiality for your sensitive legal documents. Keep peace of mind knowing that your legal documents are accurately translated, maintaining their legal validity and ensuring smooth language communication.

Three people in front of notebook checks the translation project.

Danish Medical Translation Service

Medical Translations: Accuracy Can Save Lives

Accuracy is non-negotiable when it comes to medical translations. It's a matter of life and death. We understand the critical nature of medical information, and our dedicated team works with precision and attention to detail to deliver reliable translations that meet the highest standards. Our expertise spans various medical disciplines, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and healthcare services. With our Danish medical translation service, you can rest assured that your medical documents are translated with the highest level of accuracy. Our team of expert translators has a strong background in the medical field, which means they understand complex medical jargon and can translate it accurately. Whether it's a medical report, prescription, or clinical study, our service ensures that every word is translated correctly, preserving the original meaning and intent. Safeguard the accuracy and effectiveness of your medical communications by entrusting your translations to our skilled Danish medical translation team.

The happy woman in the crowded office is translating a document.

Danish Financial Translation Service

Financial Translations: Trust in Numbers

Financial translations require a deep understanding of the financial industry and its unique terminologies. Our Danish financial translation service provides accurate translations of your financial documents. Our expert translators have a background in finance and are familiar with the financial terminologies used in both the source and target languages. This means that your balance sheets, income statements, audit reports, and other financial documents will be translated accurately, preserving the original meaning and ensuring that the translated documents are as informative and helpful as the original ones. Our secure systems and rigorous quality control processes guarantee the confidentiality of your financial records throughout the translation process. Our team ensures that your financial translations are precisely delivered, enabling effective communication and compliance with regulatory requirements. Enhance your financial communication and maintain the integrity of your financial information with our precise and professional Danish financial translation service.

Two women are checking a translation proposal in the conference room.

Danish Technical Translation Service

Technical Translations: Complexity Simplified

Technical translations can be challenging due to the complex terminologies and concepts involved. Our Danish technical translation service simplifies this complexity. Our team of expert translators specializes in various technical fields, ensuring that your technical documents are translated accurately. We offer Danish technical translation services that cater to the unique requirements of technical content, including user manuals, product specifications, engineering documents, and technical reports. Our terminology management tools and expert translators ensure that your technical translations align with industry-specific terminology, enabling seamless communication across languages. Communicate your technical information effectively and accurately across languages with our specialized Danish technical translation service.

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