Translation Service

Translation Service

Order professional translation services at the most competitive rate. Hareword offers the most reliable translation services with top-notch translation quality in up to 30 languages. Over 500 expert translators and dedicated project managers ensure bespoke solutions with cutting-edge technology.

Many global companies depend on Hareword for their translation needs.

Our Technology

Hareword’s proprietary Translation Management System (TMS) provides cost and speed optimization as well as ensures high-quality translations consistently. With the advanced Glossary Management System and Quality Assurance (QA) Tools, we offer high-quality translations with consistent terminology in every language.

What Makes Hareword Distinctive

At Hareword, we offer a range of translation plans tailored to your needs. Whether it is an everyday content or a complex project, we aspire to find flexible and effective solutions, while ensuring seamless processes. As a team of people with an everlasting hunger for improvement, we always seek and find state-of-the-art technology.

Get Your Translation Files 2.5 Times Faster
Our intuitive translation platform ensures faster delivery times. With a global network of language specialists, Hareword offers a wide range of high-quality translation services.
Save up to 50% on Your Translation Budget
Our latest translation tools allow us to complete your project faster! Facilitating translation processes, we can help you save up to 50% on your translation budget without compromising quality.
Increase Organizational Effiency by 60%
Hareword is the right solution partner for all your translation and translation-related needs. Working with one partner will not only help you save time but also maintain your brand’s tone throughout all languages.

Translation Service

Dedicated Support

Our focus is on customer satisfaction. At Hareword, we are customer, target, and solution-oriented. Our dedicated team of translators, proofreaders, project managers, and customer representatives offers the perfect language service you need.  From beginning to end, Hareword will be your guide, answer your questions, and meet your demands. 

Responsive and Fast

We use the latest technologies for our language services. This way, we save up to 50% both in terms of speed, budget, and efficiency and offer you a quicker turnaround time!  If you have any questions, you can reach us via e-mail and online chat or you could just give us a call! We respond quickly to all your queries and solve them ASAP.

Native Translators

Hareword only works with language specialists who only translate into their native languages. This is especially important if you want to establish and enhance your influence in new markets. Recent surveys show that 82% of customers have stated that they are more likely to buy services& products displayed in the target language. With that in mind, collaborating with native translators who have a good grasp of the target audience and culture will boost your sales activities.

Supports Many File Formats

Our language services are not just limited to Word or Excel files. Whether it is a JSON, XML file for a website, a PDF document, an SRT file for a subtitling project, or an IDML file for a brochure translation, we support more than 100 formats and deliver high-quality files with our human translation service. You may get more information about supported file formats from our customer representatives.

Custom Workflows

Do you have a complex project which you think needs exceptional care? Do you think none of the project workflows are suitable for your project? Contact us and we can create custom workflows and offer bespoke solutions for language services you may need. Whether you need to add several steps to a human translation process or adapt Intelligent machine translation solutions for your big project, Hareword professionals are here to adjust their process act with agility.

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