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With hundreds of localization specialists, would you like to get your content localized to any target market? Hareword offers you the most effective and qualified localization services with experts and its most up-to-date localization technologies.

The world's largest companies work with Hareword.

Let’s get to know Hareword and Its Technology.

You need to localize your content, and Don’t you know how you do get the best service in the world of localization? If so, you are in the right place. At Hareword, we assure you that your content will be localized with the help of the highest efficiency from your target market. We offer you the best localization experience in many fields of your needed expertise with its up-to-date localization technology. We are here for your localization needs with our most up-to-date translation tools, quality assurance tools, and many other technologies.

What is the unique difference of Hareword?

Localization is a vital and complicated part of the translation process. It must be conducted by experts having expertise in the related field. At Hareword, we offer you the necessities of localization without sacrificing time and quality. Our localization specialists examine the target culture, market, and audience needs, and your content is localized with the best approach to the needs.

We are Almost 2.5 Times Faster than a Traditional Agency
Thanks to our localization tools, the localization process is conducted faster and more smoothly. Therefore, the work speed is higher by 2.5 times compared to a traditional agency.
You Save 50% of Your Budget
Thanks to the professional team and high-tech tools, we offer you the highest quality by working faster. Therefore, you may save up to 50% of your budget.
60% Organizational Productivity Gains
Thanks to your localization partner, Hareword, you may outsource all your localization needs to a specialized partner. This helps you gain organizational productivity by 60%. So you may get to focus on your priorities.

Fields of Localization Service

Marketing Localization

Marketing is the most complicated field of localization, the needs of your target audience must be analyzed carefully, and the content of the text the product must be localized by considering the target culture, needs, and the use of purpose. At Hareword, your content is analyzed in these aspects and localized by the experts.

Technical Localization

When the technical contents are taken into consideration, localization has a different meaning. While the technical contents are localized, the most critical part of the localization is the product's technical specifications. The linguists must localize the content, especially while doing the user’s manual translations.  For example, the specifications of a washing machine may differ in the countries. Therefore, expert linguists should search the models and reflect the differences in the localized user manual. At Hareword, thanks to the most up-to-date technological tools of the translation industry, your technical content is localized fast and of the highest quality by expert linguists.

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