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IT & Software Translation Service

Hareword offers professional translation services by its native linguists in the field of IT & Software in over 30 languages. IT & Software translation requires extensive knowledge of coding, databases, and applications. At Hareword, you can receive top-notch quality and accurate translation service for your translation needs regarding IT & Software.

The world's largest companies work with Hareword.

High-Tech Translation Tools

With the help of translation technologies, Hareword offers you the highest quality multi-language translation service in the field of IT & Software. At hareword, we use the most up-to-date translation tools depending on the type and size of the project. In this way, our linguist team easily completes the translations, and thanks to the translation memories, you can save time and money.

IT & Software Translation

What is the unique difference of Hareword?

IT & Software translation is a requirement for customers who would like to reach international markets and provide their audience with an improved user experience. It must be conducted by professional translators having expertise in this field. At Hareword, we make sure your software seems and sounds professional and easy to your end-users, without sacrificing time and quality.

We are Almost 2.5 Times Faster than a Traditional Agency
Thanks to our high-tech translation tools and professional linguists, the translation process is conducted faster and more smoothly. Therefore, the work speed is higher by 2.5 times compared to a traditional agency.
You Save 50% of Your Budget
Thanks to the professional team and high-tech tools, we offer you the highest quality by working faster. Therefore, you may save up to 50% of your budget.
60% Organizational Productivity Gains
Thanks to your translation partner, Hareword, you may outsource all your needs to a specialized partner. This helps you gain organizational productivity by 60%. So you may get to focus on your priorities.

More on IT & Software Translation

We Localize Your Product

IT & software translation is more about converting the content into a foreign language. That’s why you should receive services from a language service provider that offers lT & software localization, such as Hareword. No matter the type or size of your software solution, we can localize your product with socio-cultural elements and linguistic nuances of the target audience in mind. 

All IT and Software Content is Welcomed

At Hareword, we make sure that your IT and software products are translated in the right way for your target audience. Our IT & software translation services are tailored for your needs, including the translation/localization of software user interfaces, user manuals, mobile applications, and websites or web pages. You can trust Hareword’s professional team and smart technologies with your translation needs in the fields of IT and software.

Expert Translators, Efficient Processes

In all steps of the translation process, our professional team of translators, editors, and project managers work in harmony to achieve the best results. When you request a translation service for your IT- and software-related needs, translators with expertise in the field are assigned for your translation project. The professional editors review the texts for any inconsistencies with your expectations and requirements. Specific terminologies and translation memories are built for your project so that any future upgrade or change in your products can be performed in translation easily. Our dedicated project managers keep you updated on every step and answer any questions you might have regarding the translation process. At Hareword, even the most complex and demanding tasks such as IT & software translation are handled with ease and perfection!

Why You Should Get Your IT & Software Products Translated

The world is changing and new markets open up for those who aspire to grow their business and expand their global reach. The IT and software industries are two of the vivid and constantly evolving markets, and they have been in our lives, especially for the last decade. As the future of these fields seems to be bright and promising for new opportunities, software companies with an aim to deliver their products and services to global customers must ensure they have done it in the most professional way. And it is only possible through comprehensive and perfect localization of the relevant products. Hareword offers high-quality and cost-effective IT & software translation services for your unique needs.

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