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Hareword presents high-quality and consistent translations for governments, NGOs, and charitable organizations. Government translations require a thorough knowledge of target authorities since every formation constitutes of different elements, and our professionals are capable of presenting the highest quality service through profound research on the target language.

The world's largest companies work with Hareword.

Our Technology

Government translations require maximum consistency in the content. Our terminologies, quality assurance tools, and computer-aided translation tools allow our translators to keep the consistency of the translation to the maximum level. Learn more about our translation technologies

What makes us special

In government translations, translating words is not enough by itself, the message must be conveyed thoroughly. Our translators conduct a profound analysis on the target culture, target community, and target laws to come up with the best translation method and terminology, so you can make sure you get the best translation service.

2.5 times faster than a traditional agency
The combination of the right terminology, cutting-edge translation technology, and professional government translators increases the translation speed up to 250%.
50% savings on your international budget
The high-tech translation assistance solutions of Hareword lowers the workload of your projects, and in this way, you can save on your international budget by 50%.
60% organizational productivity gains
By outsourcing your government translations to a specialized partner, you can gain organizational productivity by 60% while increasing the consistency and the speed of your translation projects by improving your translation memory.

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