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Get your engineering translations done with maximum efficiency, with maximum consistency, with Hareword. Engineering is a very complex field that requires full precision. Our professionals and translation tools bring about the flawless translations for you in any industry, in more than 100 languages.

The world's largest companies work with Hareword.

Our Technology

As you need perfect precision for your engineering projects, we know you need perfect precision for your engineering translations. Our quality assurance and computer aided translation tools allow us to work with the highest consistency level, so you can get impeccable results in your translation needs.

What makes us special

No matter how large your project is, we provide you the fastest translation service. Our pre-translation processes, such as terminology creation, context analysis, and translation memory use, help us complete your engineering translation requests faster, so you can completely focus on your projects.

2.5 times faster than a traditional agency
The right pre-translation steps, along with right translation tools and professionals, increase our project completion time up to 250% when compared to a traditional agency.
50% savings on your international budget
Engineering translation professionals of Hareword know how to convey your message to the target language very well, with their translation tools. Completing your translation processes easier and faster can help you save on your international budget by 50%.
60% organizational productivity gains
Outsourcing your engineering translation needs to a specialized partner can increase the quality of your translation memory, so we can complete your projects faster while maintaining the highest quality. In this way, you can focus on what you do best, and gain organizational productivity by 60%.

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