Closed Captioning Service

Closed Caption Service

If you want to reach larger masses with the help of close captioning, you are at the right place. Hareword offers you more than 100 languages with its professional team. At Hareword, you can get service from experts and the most up-to-date translation technologies. So, you can easily reach all around the world with the help of your audiences.

The world's largest companies work with Hareword.

High-Tech Translation Tools

With the help of Computer-aided tools (CAT), Hareword offers you the highest quality closed captioning services. At Hareword, we use the most up-to-date tools so that our linguist team easily implements the captions and you can save time and money.

Closed Captioning Service

What is the unique difference of Hareword?

Closed captioning is vital for the customers because it is one of the most important ways of reaching new users. So, it must be conducted by experts having experience in the related field. At Hareword, we offer you the necessities of closed captioning service and your sector without sacrificing time and quality. Thanks to our smooth processes and smart tools, we make sure that you reach the target audiences in the most effective way possible.

We are Almost 2.5 Times Faster than a Traditional Agency
Thanks to our high-tech translation tools, the closed captioning service is conducted faster and more smoothly. Therefore, the work speed is higher by 2.5 times compared to a traditional agency.
50% Save on Your Budget
Thanks to the professional team and high-tech tools, we offer you the highest quality by working faster. In this way, you may save up to 50% of your budget.
60% Organizational Productivity Gains
Thanks to being your versatile translation partner, Hareword, you may outsource all your needs related to subtitling and captioning, to a specialized partner. This helps you gain organizational productivity by 60%. So you may get to focus on your priorities.

Closed-captioning Service

Technical Considerations

Not every linguist has knowledge of closed captioning services. It necessitates special knowledge and tools. The expert linguist needs to use these tools so that the captioning process can be completed smoothly. At Hareword, we benefit from smart technologies to deliver your projects in a more productive and cost-effective way.

Linguistic Considerations

The aim of closed captioning is to imply all the sounds of audiovisual content. So, the linguist has to be aware of all the sounds and carefully transcribe them. Avoiding incorrect use of words that are to imply the sounds is the most critical part of close captioning. 

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