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Blockchain technology is the future of the business world and we make sure our clients get started with it today. If you are a blockchain or cryptocurrency company that develops innovative solutions in the industry, we are here to help you deliver your business into the global arena.

The world's largest companies work with Hareword.

Fintech Translation

Fintech is a portmanteau word (a made-up word blending two or more words) that comes from “finance” and “technology”. It refers to the use of technology in improving or automating any financial service. Fintech is a huge industry that has been maturing especially over the last few years. It has a wide array of applications including digital banking, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. These are all popular and fast-growing sectors in which translation is a vital step to reaching out to international customers and investors.

Blockchain & Crypto Translation Service

What makes us special

Our customer satisfaction and loyalty make us special. But other than that, we work hard to keep our systems and operations improved, updated, and optimized to ensure we add special value to our customers.

Hareword’s team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals. First-rate translators from all over the world and proficient language experts collaborate to make sure that your translations sound accurate and resonate with your audiences.
You’re a startup initiative and need to get things going faster? Or your organization is enormous and you must report to the board ASAP? Hareword offers multiple project packages that would suit your needs, speed expectations, and budget.
Native Translation
Blockchain and cryptocurrency are about marketing as much as finance and technology. You can impress your investors, end-users, and customers with culturally relevant and appropriate content —meaning you can do your best with Hareword’s native translation service.

Hareword Guarantees Quality and Fast Translation of Your:


Address industry-specific issues and provide useful insights to your investors with accurate whitepaper translations and an on-point tone of voice.

Website content

Have your blockchain and cryptocurrency website localized into multiple languages and make sure both Aisha and Ondřej get what you actually mean.


Increase the number of potential international investments in your coin or token. Secure funding with an accurate and engaging translation of your ICO/IDO content.

Press releases

Get your press releases translated into the language of leading countries in blockchain technology and crypto investment.


Facilitate the ownership and use of your cryptocurrency by localizing your app/software into foreign languages based on your audience. Ensure your users get the best out of your product.

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